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About Angie

The City of Hawthorne needs common sense solutions to our problems and we need leaders at City Hall with a proven record of delivering results for our community.

Angie Reyes English was elected to the City of Hawthorne’s City Council in 2009 after serving as City Clerk for four years.



The top priorities that Angie Reyes English
has for the City of Hawthorne:

Rebuild Trust

Restoring the public trust in our city government through transparency, honesty and leadership that puts our citizens and the City's reputation first.

Public Safety

providing our police with the tools, training and man power to assure a safer Hawthorne.

Economic Development

Utilizing the public transportation corridors as a catalyst to help bring new developments in public private partnership businesses.

Tax credits

Assist small businesses by encouraging self entrepreneurship which will create new businesses, job's and affordable housing.


Los Angeles County Democrat Party

Curren D. Price, Councilman, City of Los Angeles, Council District 9

Tony Madrigal, Councilman, City of Modesto

Sandra Armenta, Mayor, City of Rosemead

Luis H. Marquez, Mayor, City of Downey

Helen Noriega, Councilwoman, City of Brawley

Lula Holmes, Councilwoman, City of Carson

Stephen Sammarco, Councilman, City of Redondo Beach

Luciano Aguliar, Hawthorne School District, Board member, City of Hawthorne

Kathryn Hernandez, Salinas Unified School District, Board member, City of Salinas

Skyy Fisher, School Board Member, Compton Unified, City of Compton

El Pineda, Councilman, City of Huntington Park

Joseph Williams, Community College Board of Trustees, City of San Bernardino

Mike Fong, Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees, City of Los Angeles

Pastor John Richardson

Rev. Reuben English ........... partial list